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Profile of product
Hopong micro UAV oblique photography system reaches international advanced level certified by leading experts of the industry.

For the demand of getting oblique photography data rapidly within a narrow range, Hopong combines UAV and oblique photography techniques to complete the independent R&D of one set of micro UAV oblique photography system including power-driven hexacopter, 5-lens oblique camera, parachute module, control module and so on. The system has a series of features such as low cost, high reliability of flight, simple operation and use, low requirement of takeoff and landing site, high positioning accuracy and image resolution etc, which can meet the requirement of oblique photography and survey as well as fast 3D modeling in the aspect of data acquisition.

For the time being, there is no similar micro oblique camera in the world. The technique fills the gap of getting high-resolution data from oblique photography and survey with micro camera at low altitude and low cost, which can provide inexpensive, efficient and swift data supports and services for the industries including mapping, planning, emergency, public security and tourism culture etc, improving the ability of getting fine 3D data rapidly and flexibly. 

Product feature

Convenient to carry, simple to operate, safe & reliable, quick access, high accuracy modeling


Performance Parameter
Basic parameter Total weight of aircraft:Less than 8 kg
Aircraft ceiling:1500 m
Control radius:3000 m
Cruising speed:not less than 6 m/s
Maximum lifting speed:6 m/s
Control mode Implementation of full automatic navigation operation during aerial photography
Hover precision Vertical direction -/+ 1 m,horizontal direction-/+ 2 m
Suitable environment Temperature:-10℃ to +40℃
Relative humidity:95%
Protective device Work pre-warning:The handheld ground station shall vibrate for pre-warning at the low battery voltage.
Working parameter Working altitude:100 m-300 m
Endurance :Not less than 30 min.
Takeoff site:Open space less than 40 m2
Working efficiency:0.5 km2 of multi-angle aerial images shall be obtained for each time/aircraft proximately.
Image resolution:0.1 m

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