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Features of product

With simple structure, it can be disassembled and folded rapidly for transportation by land, sea and air; it has good performance of hedgehopping; because of short takeoff and landing distance, it is more safer than the traditional dynamic delta wing aircraft (three wheels), which is easy for operation and learning. This aircraft can take off and land on grass fields, airstrips and highway, also on water after optional installation of buoys or rubber dinghies, and on sand-beach or snowfield after optional installation of skateboards.

Main application

It is applicable for flight level of 200m to 1500m. Because of series of features such as low requirement for fly-field and takeoff/landing condition, the strong maneuverability of the aircraft and rapid site transfer of transportation, small impact of operational altitude on military and civil airspace, and being able to land safely in the case of no power etc, it may be widely employed in large-scale oblique aerial photography within 100km2.

Performance Parameter
Basic parameter Cruising speed: 120km/h,maximum speed: 150km/h
Oil consumption: 12 L/h,oil tank: 70L
Cruising range: 702km
Maximum empty weight: 260kg,maximum takeoff weight: 450kg
Wingspan: 9.97 m
Takeoff distance:Less than 60-100 m
Suitable environment Wind-resistant performance:Level-IV
Protective device With protection function of safe ejection chute
Working parameter Working altitude:200m-1500m
Working efficiency:4-6 km2/h
Precision of achievements:3-14cm



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