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    With independent power supply and united storage, the camera which is composed of 5 lenses weighs 2.1 kilograms. It is suitably used in micro unmanned aerial vehicles for oblique photography, with maximum resolution of images to 2 cm.

    In 2012, adopting stable system design of body integration, Hopong took the lead in successfully developing 3 sets of micro oblique cameras successively with minimum weight not more than 2 kg, which resulted in the possibility of UAV oblique photography. Hopong created a pioneer of UAV oblique photography which makes oblique photography easier. With international advanced level, it is the significant reform of mapping industry.
    Performance indicators
    Quantity of CCD: 5 pcs
    Size of CCD: 13.2mm×8.8mm
    Physical size of pixel: 2.4 μm
    Minimum exposure interval: 2 seconds
    Focal length of lens: 28 mm
    Total pixel: more than 100 million
    Tilt angle of oblique lens: 45°
    Total memory capacity: 128G
    Operating temperature: -10℃~+40℃
    Environmental humidity: 95%
    Exposure mode: fixed point exposure
    Power supply of camera: independent
    Camera charging: unified charging
    CCD power on: unified power on and off
    Battery detection: low-voltage light pre-warning
    Attitude stabilization: the integration with body is stable and angle identification is less than one degree with -/+ 20 degrees of adjustment range and adjustment time less than one second.
    POS: To record POS information of point exposure
    Image data read: unified storage to high-speed SD card & USB flash disk or unified read from mini USB interface
    Resolution of images: 2-10 cm
    Positioning precision: 1 meter

    Physical indicators
    Size: 210×265 mm
    Weight: 2.1 kg

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