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    Hopong Oblique camera AP3400R is integrated with 3 cameras. With the camera control system, these cameras can rotate and take photos with different angels. This oblique camera platform is suitable for VTOL UAV for small area and high resolution 3D aerial photogrammetry mission. After software processing, the data captured by this oblique camera can be generated to high resolution 3D model automatically.

    Product Characteristics
    1.Simple and reliable production;
    2.The unified control of multiple cameras;
    3.Less demand for aircraft’s payload;

    4.Suitable for different types UAV;
    5.Max image resolution is 0.8 cm;

    Product Technical Index

    2.Weight:1.6 kg (without battery)
    3.Number of Sensor:3pcs
    4.Size of Sensor:23.5 mm×15.6mm
    5.Physical size of pixel:3.92μm
    6.Focal length of lens:35mm
    7.Total Pixel per complete exposure:2.9×108(px)
    9.Operating temperature:-10℃~+40℃
    10.Environmental humidity:≤95%
    11.Exposure mode:fixed time exposure, fixed point exposure
    12.Power:unified power on and off
    13.Data output:unified micro USB interface

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