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Service supporting for UAV oblique photography system

Our company shall provide 7 days’ technical training for 2 persons to operate the oblique photography system. The 2 persons who receive 7 days’ free technical training provided by our company at Hopong training base can study the production, operation and working of the system comprehensively.
We shall also provide on-site service for one time or three days. Within the time stipulated in the contract, we can provide an on-site technical support for users in case of major events or significant projects so as to ensure that the events or projects carry on smoothly.


Hopong promises to provide free maintenance service for the product during its warranty period (there is possibly different warranty period for different parts) within the scope of warranty since the arrival date of the product.   

Hopong shall provide paid maintenance service for product if it can’t satisfy the free warranty.


Hopong is the first company that applies security inspection regulation, which is used by airliner, to UAV’s maintenance. Further, Hopong requires periodic inspection as a compulsory regulation after UAV delivered.
The high-level periodic inspection (D-level) is set as 500 sortie, which means that after 500 times flight, it is required for UAV to be overhauled.
The low-level periodic inspection (A-level) is set as 50 sortie for one periodic inspection.
The median-level periodic inspection (C-level) is set as 150 sortie for one periodic inspection.
Every twice A-level inspections will lead to one time oblique camera calibration.


One year fully comprehensive insurance is covered.
Third-party liability insurance: up to 2,000,000 RMB compensation
Airframe insurance: up to one new UAV compensation.


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