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    As a pioneer of UAV oblique photography and fast automatic modeling technology in China , Hopong  was founded in Guangzhou in 2002, and Hopong (Beijing) Co., Ltd. was established in 2012.
    Owning qualifications of Grade B state aerial photogrammetry, Hopong is specialized in the aerial photography services and integrating R & D of oblique photography. In 2013, Hopong is the first company that developed micro oblique photography product for electronic multi-rotor UAV in China. And the oblique photography technology in low altitude was greatly promoted with such development.

       In 2014, as one of the founders, Hopong united many institutes and companies to establish The Oblique Photography Technology Alliance in China, aiming to provide integration solution of oblique photography for our users, which will be useful in various industries, such as land & resource, planning, public security & anti-terrorism, disaster emergency, smart city, smart tourism, heritage conservation and cultural industry. With such alliance, a new era of 3D geographic information was launched.

      Upholding Hopong’s spirit of “mission, fighting, faith and innovation”, Hopong is striving to be a most prominent leader of micro UAV oblique photography product manufacturer in China!


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