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The year of 2014: 

The new technology of micro UAV oblique photography system was released, reaching the international advanced level certified by authoritative experts; it is the first time in China that UAV fast 3D modeling technology has been applied in emergency rescue of geological hazards with the first 3D map of Ludian earthquake-stricken area;
The year of 2013:  It is the first company to have developed big airplane-based outboard oblique photographyplatform; the company now provides 3D automatic modeling service for aerial photography;
The year of 2012: Beijing Hopong Aerial Mapping Technology Co., Ltd was established; the 3D automatic modeling technology was firstly launched in China;
The year of 2011: The Company cooperated with Wuhan University to jointly conduct R&D of semi-automatic 3D modeling technology;
The year of 2010: The Company received Class-II Secrecy Qualification Certification of National Defense Weapon and Equipment R&D and Production Units; it was the first domestic company that has developed the first set of light multi-lens oblique photography platform; during the Guangzhou Asian Games,  the company provided a series of security services including low-altitude high-resolution aerial images, establishment of high-precision 3D model, deduction system of security route and intervisibility analysis;
The year of 2009: Becoming the Multi-dimension Simulation Engineering Centre of Digital Guangdong Institute of Guangdong Province;
The year of 2008: Providing spatial information to support the route decision for Guangzhou station of Olympic torch relay;
The year of 2007: Receiving “Double-Software Enterprise” Approval of former Information Industry Department of Guangdong Province; becoming the technical support unit of Institute of Digital China,Peking University (IDC/PKU);
The year of 2006: becoming a member of Leading Group of Private Security Companies, Guangzhou State Bureau of Secrecy;
The year of 2005: Obtaining GIS developing as well as mapping and modeling qualification; constructing digital city by utilizing large-scale aerial images and stereo image pair;
The year of 2004: Becoming the only company in Guangdong Province to obtain National Class-B Qualification of Aerial Survey and Photography; being the first time in the industry to propose the concept and standard of utilizing low-altitude high-resolution aerial images to set up real 3D model;
The year of 2003: Receiving Aerial Photography and Survey Qualification of Department of Land and Resources of Guangdong Province;
The year of 2002: Guangzhou Hopong Helicopter Remote Sensing Technology Co., Ltd was created;

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