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Lighten the world! Hopong new UAV technology has been published

   On June 11th, there was a new UAV technology press conference released in China National Convention Center by Beijing Hopong Aerial Mapping Technology Co., Ltd. -In this press conference, Hopong introduced its inventive patent-protected micro oblique camera system, which would initialize a new era of UAV oblique photography technology development.
   Government, organizations and institutes invited to this press conference included: National Administration of Surveying, Mapping and Geoinformation; Chinese Academy of Surveying and Mapping; Institute of Remote Sensing and Digital Earth, Chinese Academy of Sciences, etc.

A New Era for UAV Oblique Photography
   The development of aerial photogrammetry dramatically increases the efficiency of obtaining data. However, before the appearance of UAV, the major method of aerial photogrammetry still relied on large survey aircraft. With the mature of UAV technology, more and more users are choosing UAV as their tools for aerial photogrammetry. Therefore, we can often seize the figure of UAV during disasters, such as earthquake or flood, when large aircraft is hardly to take off because of the limitation of landing zone.
   Oblique photography means that multiple sensors on the same flying platform collect images simultaneously from different angles including vertical and lateral view directions, which bring users into the real and visual world in conformity with human vision, and effectively remedy the limits, i.e. photographs of ground object only from vertical angel for traditional orthophotos. Such technology is a revolutionary break-through for aerial photogrammetry, and it can provide the technology support for fast obtaining 3D data to construct a real 3D world.

Hopong, the Leading Company in Light Oblique Photography Technology
  Aiming to the development of oblique photography technology, Hopong invented the first light oblique photography platform in China in 2010. With such invention, the first time in China, the weight of oblique photography platform was under 20kg. Hopong became the pioneer in light oblique photography development and dramatically decreased the barrier and cost of oblique photography technology. Later, Hopong invented 3 set of micro oblique photography platform, and the lightest one was less than 2kg.
   For now, Hopong eliminates the constraint of aircraft for oblique photography technology. We develop different sets of platform suitable for different aircrafts, including UAV, light aircraft and large aircraft. With different data quality requirements and the various area of data needed to be obtained, Hopong can provide flexible options for our customers.

New Technology of Automatic 3D Model Construction Released
   After the data has been obtained, fast model construction becomes an important concern. Hopong publishes the automatic 3D model construction system, which has the features of fast obtaining, on-site modelling, elimination of manual intervention and real world 3D model construction. By calculation, it is believed that the efficiency of automatic 3D model construction is 50 times greater than manual 3D modelling.
   In 2014, Hopong announced that it had 100 nodes computation capacity, which labelled Hopong as the most powerful and fastest automatic 3D model construction company. With the result of testing, for a median city with 50 km2 3D model construction, the time for a project will shrink from 1 month to 3 days.
The Establishment of Oblique Photography Technology Alliance
   In the press conference, Hopong announced the new technology authentication report of Hopong oblique photography system, which is written by Ministry of Science and Technology of People’s Republic of China. With this report, it was believed that the Hopong’s technology had received the approval of authorities.
  In this press conference, there was an alliance established, which is called Oblique Photography Technology Alliance. In this alliance, there are several research institutes and companies. All of these participants are willing to create a complete industrial chain and improve the technology development of oblique photography system in China as well as the world.

The Future
   Being the leading company of automatic 3D model construction in China, Hopong is willing to popularize oblique photography technology to ordinary people. In the future, we believe that UAV oblique photography technology will deeply change our life style.
The world is waiting to be lightened. And Hopong would like to be the one with torch.

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