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The Upcoming Era of Public Surveying and Mapping

   On June 11th, Peng Xu, the president of Beijing Hopong Aerial Mapping Technology Co., Ltd., made a speech with the title of The Upcoming Era of Public Surveying and Mapping in China National Convention Center.
(The following speech did not receive the verification by Peng Xu )
  Peng Xu: Good morning everyone. One year ago, out alliance (Oblique Photography Technology Alliance) got established. Today, I would like to briefly report my ideas. Hopong labels itself as the Excalibur for public surveying and mapping. Let’s first review the history of surveying and mapping. The history of human photography mapping technology is the process of pursuing 3D model, which is also trying to reflect our true 3D world.
    In the era of analytical photogrammetry, we use manual way to seize the feeling of 3D. Later, in the era of digital photogrammetry, we use computers to display 3D models. As we can see, we are consistently pursuing the feeling of a real 3D world in everyone’s mind.
   For now, there is no need for us to imagine 3D world in our minds. Oblique photography technology has given us an option to exhibit 3D world in front of our eyes. The dreams for human lasting for thousands of years has come true. With such technology, we are in the best time ever in surveying and mapping industries.
   This time is the one that cannot be missed. With oblique photography technology, Hopong is willing to introduce surveying and mapping products for ordinary people. For those people without specialized training, Hopong’s product will help them to do the job of surveying and mapping. This is our ambition.
   In the last year, we attend INTERGEO exhibition in Germany. In this show, we saw mini UAV that can be small enough to be put in everyone’s hand. In the future, we believe that Hopong oblique photography UAV can be also that small. In that time, there will be enormous Hopong UAV flying in the sky.
   Our products are all-in-one solutions. For our customers, they can produce 3D model data after the purchase, because software, hardware are perfectly integrated with high quality and safety. I was an UAV developer from 1993 to 2002, and came back to UAV area after 2012. In 1993, with the cooperation with Chinese Academy of Surveying and Mapping, I spent 93,000 RMB to buy a UAV. This amount of money was able to buy an apartment in that time. However, after two minutes flying, this UAV missed. With this limited time, an apartment was vanished.         Therefore, I left UAV industry later, because I did not have so many apartments to be vanished. And this situation was disappeared after the appearance of electronic UAV.
   Focusing on micro oblique photography camera development, we are willing to make a mature product with perfect performance. With over 3600 time flight in one year, our UAVs appeared in 27 provinces in China. Further, with the test of Ludian earthquake, it is believed that our product will be useful in emergency situation.
   In this year, we have 6 times accidents, the rate of accident is 1 over 600. How to decrease this the accident rate? We use two methods: regular inspection and insurance for the UAV. With these two methods, it is believed that our customers will have an insured and enjoyable working experience. Ant this is the future of public surveying and mapping. Thanks! 

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